What is Syntax Marketing and how can it benefit you and your business?

Please allow me to begin by stating that Syntax is not a tax that one has to pay for doing something sinful as in ‘Sin Tax’. Syntax simply means the order, sequence or arrangement of things.

Changing the Syntax can often have a dramatic effect on the outcome or context even when the components remain the same. Take for example the sentence: ‘The dog bit Johnny’. The sentence has just four words or four components. If you change the syntax of the words to: ‘Johnny bit the dog’ the sentence would still have the same amount of words or components but would have a whole new meaning, in particular if you were Johnny or the dog”.

Business Owners often have all the right components or activities of marketing but they put them in the wrong order or sequence. This results in their overall marketing not being anywhere near as effective as it could be.

Two different companies marketing to the same niche may both be using the same 4 lead generation activities. Alphabetically these could be Brochures, Google AdWords, Local Newspaper Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.  What order they do these activities in determines if they become ‘Johnny’ or ‘the dog’. One dominates and the other ends up in a whole lot of pain.

What do most Business Owners do as soon as they discover that they didn’t get the returns on their marketing spend that they expected? They immediately go and slash their marketing budget.

Syntax Marketing OrderIt is like they put their shoes on before their socks and then wonder why they end up with uncomfortable feet and dirty socks. They don’t consider the syntax and think to themselves ‘maybe I should put my socks on before my shoes’. Instead they either look for a cheaper pair of shoes and socks or give up on footwear altogether and then walk around bare feet.

Syntax Marketing is not a new style of marketing. Indeed it has the flexibility to draw upon many different styles of marketing such as direct marketing, viral marketing and evangelist marketing. It is just not bound by any particular one.

Syntax Marketing is a process that seeks not just the best marketing activities to promote your products and services; it also determines the optimum syntax to put those activities in.

With Syntax Marketing you work from a presupposition that the only marketing genius is the market itself.  Syntax Marketing utilizes marketing intelligence acquired from the target market during the previous marketing step or activity, to enhance the effectiveness of the next.

If you understand the advantages in having a prototype before building a full blown product then you’ll appreciate why the Syntax Marketing methodology would seek a prototype of a prototype. This is what Alberto Savoia would refer to as ‘Pretotyping’ and we really wish that we had of thought of the word before he did. 😉 To find out more about pretotyping be sure to check out the website: Pretotyping.org

In summary, if you want more orders you need to consider the order. Let Syntax Marketing put your marketing in order today!